General information

Trade Capital Bank (TC Bank) was established on 12.09.2008. Registration number 807000163.

The authorized fund of the bank is 61 650 487 (Sixty one million six hundred fifty thousand four hundred eighty seven) Belarusian rubles.

Full name of the Bank

  • in Russian: Закрытое акционерное общество «Банк торговый капитал»
  • in Belarusian: Закрытае акцыянернае таварыства «Банк гандлёвы капiтал»
  • in English: Trade Capital Bank

Short name of the Bank

  • in Russian: ЗАО «ТК Банк»
  • in Belarusian: ЗАТ «ГК Банк»
  • in English: ТС Bank

Our priorities

  • Supporting direct investment to the local economy from Iran.
  • Rendering financial support to trade and economic cooperation of the businesses located in Belarus with their foreign partners.
  • Supporting export finance programs for local exporters doing business with the countries of the Middle East.
  • Facilitating trade finance operations and international settlements between the companies located in Belarus and their respective partners in Iran.
  • Financial support of medium and small business in the Republic of Belarus.

Our values

  • 24 часа

    Mutually beneficial partnership

    We build stable mutually beneficial and trustworthy relations with corporate clients and their partners. Our clients are enterprises of the leading sectors of the economy: trade, transport, construction, oil refining and others.

  • Бесплатно

    Full range of services

    TC Bank provides a wide range of high-tech banking services common for the world financial practice. Unique conditions for cooperation with the Middle East.

  • 24 часа


    High degree of confidentiality of client information. Service of the high quality. An impressive stable asset size, all the necessary licenses. The main shareholder of TC Bank is Bank Tejarat - the largest bank in Iran.

Ownership structure

The main shareholder of TC Bank is Bank Tejarat (Islamic Republic of Iran). Its share is 99.89%. 
Bank Tejarat ("Tejarat" in Farsi means "trade") is one of the largest financial institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the countries of the Middle East region.

Bank Tejarat was established in 1979. Now it is one of the most popular financial institutions in the region with 1612 domestic branches; 2 branches abroad - in France, Tajikistan; 3 subsidiary banks - in the Republic of Belarus, Germany and Great Britain.


Trademark of TC Bank - is the embodiment of security, durability, constant movement and pursuit of excellence and reliability.

Exchange rates
We buy at We sell at
Actual as from 18.05.2024 10:40
1 USD 3.2 3.225
1 EUR 3.475 3.52
100 RUB 3.475 3.525
Actual as from 18.05.2024 10:40
1 USD 3.215
1 EUR 3.48
100 RUB 3.49
We buy at We sell at
Actual as from 18.05.2024 10:40
EUR/USD 1.08 1.1
EUR/RUB 98.5 102
USD/RUB 90.5 92.3
Actual as from 18.05.2024 10:40
1 USD 3.2166
1 EUR 3.4878
100 RUB 3.5071

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