Regulations of CJSC "TK Bank" on the rules for processing cookies.


1. Cookies (English cookies) are a text file stored in the browser of a computer (mobile device) of the user of the official website (hereinafter referred to as the site) when visiting it to reflect the actions taken.

Cookies can be collected, systematized, stored, modified, used, depersonalized, blocked, deleted using automation tools.

The purpose of processing cookies is to ensure the convenience of site users and improve the quality of its functioning, create personalized advertising and collect analytical information.

This privacy policy may be updated as applicable laws change, new technologies are introduced, etc.

CJSC "TK Bank" does not use cookies to identify subjects of personal data.

2. The following types of cookies are processed on the site:

functional - allow you to provide an individual experience of using the site and are set in response to the actions of the subject of personal data. Cannot be disabled on our systems, however, the user can set the browser to block such files, while some parts of the site may not work;

statistical - allow you to store a history of visits to the pages of the site in order to collect data on user preferences, improve the quality of the site, in order to determine the most and least popular pages.

3. Cookies processed on the site and their storage period:

Most cookies are processed for no more than one day, or until the end of the session (when you close the page or browser window), after which cookies are deleted using automation tools. Some cookies are stored for a longer period, for example, to remember your preferences on the Services, such as language or location. The period of data storage depends on the type of cookies. Such

cookies will be automatically deleted after they have completed their task.

The statistical type of cookies allows you to improve the user's interaction with the site and remember preferences. Thanks to them, the settings (selection of parameters) that the user makes during his visit are saved.

Cookies for Yandex analytics. This site uses the Yandex.Metrics, Yandex Maps, Yandex Directory and Yandex Direct analytics services provided by YANDEX LLC, 119021, Russia, Moscow, st. L. Tolstoy, 16 to evaluate the use of the site by visitors, compile reports on site activity, and provide other services, as well as to provide and update data on the location of car dealerships, service stations near the selected location on the map, as well as display advertisements in accordance with the interests of site users.

Disabling statistical cookies does not allow determining the preferences of site users, including the most and least popular pages, and taking measures to improve the site based on user preferences.

On the basis of agreements concluded with authorized persons, we entrust the processing of statistical programmatic cookies to platforms that provide targeted advertising services to the target audience on the Internet.

4. Subjects of personal data can accept or reject the collection of all or some cookies in the settings of their browser, while the correct operation of the site is possible only if the necessary cookies are used.

At the same time, some browsers allow you to visit websites in incognito mode in order to limit the amount of information stored on your computer and automatically delete session cookies. In addition, the subject of personal data may delete previously saved cookies by selecting the appropriate option in the browser history.

The Bank's website remembers the choice of user settings for 3 (three) months.

More information about cookie management options can be found by clicking on external links leading to the corresponding pages of the websites of the main browsers:










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