Euro Payments

Dear customers!

          Please be informed that due to the current restrictions imposed by the European Union on the Republic of Belarus, the banking system of the country is experiencing certain difficulties in effecting payments in euro, due to which TC Bank, like a number of Belarusian banks, is forced to charge an increased fee for effecting payments in euro. The amount of the fee depends, among other things, on the correspondent banks and tends to increase.

          At the same time, the share of Russian roubles in Belarus' trade with other countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, has grown significantly. However, there are no technical difficulties in making payments under such contracts.

          In view of the above, in order to minimize your expenses and to promptly make settlements with your counterparties, we suggest considering a gradual transition to settlements in Russian rubles. While making payment in favour of residents of Islamic Republic of Iran we recommend you to consider Russian Ruble and Iranian Rial as main currencies of your settlements.

You can get advice by phone:

+375 29 352-31-51
+375 17 270-90-00
+375 17 270-17-77

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